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Gold Service
Customer Training: Uses of robots handy, convenient high-level degree, a perfect drag teach function. Customized professional training services for businesses, help you to reduce production costs, the ultimate potential of the production system to play more live "one to one" Diamond VIP level guidance and training.
Technical support: equipment installation division to help guide senior commissioning program debugging and production support equipment extreme shorten production time, security-related operations are correct. Accurate prediction of the service to bring you the highest level of service support, the machine long service in the way of a team of engineers to get the most rapid expansion, upgrading and renovation of technical support.
Product Guarantee: highly personalized warranty, way of providing genuine parts and wear parts, bringing you regular preventive maintenance to ensure uninterrupted production. All year round, all-weather all the time ready to serve you. Call, e-mail and information contact us, way up will provide fast, accurate and comprehensive service.
Support system: improved customer service system, high-quality APP client downloads, unique data downloads, the most efficient way of working in response to customer feedback. The pursuit of excellence quality customer service in multiple languages, friendly and peaceful heart to heart after-sales hotline, to bring you the most attitude, the most technical, the most valuable and dedicated service.